At the Funeral - A Memorial Poem

We had 2 memorial services today, one for a family member and the other a dear friend.  It got me melancholy and thinking about how we commemorate those we love.

At the Funeral
by Shirley Joyce Fine Lee (© 12/30/12) 
A dirge plays.
Flowers everywhere,
An honorable display.
Many are there
Of mixed emotions.
A whimper and sigh,
Family walks solemn.
Friends begin to cry.
Hearts in sadness,
Feeling alone.
Spirit of gladness,
As another goes home.
Some still in disbelief,
Holding hands,
Various stages of grief.
Later laughter
And remembrances.
Thoughts of hereafter.
The casket closes
On earthly release.
The ropes lower
To rest in peace.


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