Shop Your Closet – Fad or Fabulous?

Most of us are tempted to go to the mall when we need an outfit for a special occasion.  However, with the trend towards saving money for other purposes, especially around the holidays, a new concept has emerged.  Many magazines are talking about “shopping your closet” instead of the boutiques and department stores.   Sounds like a great way to clean out the closet and make a new wardrobe on a budget at the same time.  Check out some of the links below and let us know in comments what you think about this money-saving fashion fad – is it fun, fabulous, or a flop?
More Magazine
Nov. 2012 Cover
The November issue of More had some great ideas in their stylebook series for grownups (i.e. not teens or fashion mavens).  They share what to wear from your standards within everyone’s closet and what you can either buy or dig for in the depths of the closet to up-date your look.  Examples include:  place a shimmery top of the basic white shirt, pair your black turtleneck with a more festive pair of straight-leg pants,  put a sequin top under your favorite cardigan, dress up your basic black pants with a dressy top, and instead of denim on denim – pair your best jeans with a leather jacket or sparkly top.  They also offer purse, shoes, and accessory options too.
RealSimple magazine did Shop Your Closet articles series (follow links on webpage to see 3 articles with slide shows) helping 3 different women to organize and shop their closets to show-off their personal styles.  Harper’s Bazaar offers 10 Tips for Shopping Your Closet.  Glamour magazine also offered a Shop Your Closet Time series.  InStyle encourages Look Your Best This Fall starting by shopping your closet.  It is not just in the fashion magazines, according to this CBS news clip, you can save up to 75% on your clothing budget if you Shop Your Closet.  How?  Most of us already have 40%—50% of the clothing we need for the new season in our closet.

Want an a new idea for putting more of your wardrobe for less?  How about making a closet-clean-out date with your friends and relatives?  Have everyone go thru and organize their closets on one (or 2) Saturday(s).  Each person should make notes of what they need in order to get complete and fashionable outfits out of what they have kept.  Then the next Saturday, everyone meets for a swap-date where each person shops only for the items needed from the discards of everyone’s closet.  Whatever is left in the pile after wardrobes are complete is then donated to charity - NOT put back in the closet or storage. 

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