Boot season is coming!

It is already Fall and the stores have brought out the boots to wear now through winter.   

Assorted Ankle and Mid-calf Boots

I love boots and refuse to give them up for minor
foot ailments.  Instead I found these cushy Apara comfort insoles at Stein Mart to put inside them so I can survive walking – the key is be sure that the insoles have an adequate arch support.  In my favorite shoes that are too tight with the complete insoles, I use the sticky gel arch appeal to at least get that extra support.  I bought one each to try out and went back for more even though you can transfer them between shoes as long as the sticky part remains clean.

In case you missed some of the new Fall boots that were on Yahoo Shopping last month, be sure to visit Fall Boots Under $100 by Real Beauty. I’m not surprised that they were under $100 dollars most were either short ankle boots or UGLY!  However, after stating that, I have to admit I have some light purple boots that look somewhat like number 11.  My favorites were sexy #17 and preppy #4 – of course they would be the classic knee-high style. However, I could not wear the heel in #17 or the Houndstooth that I also was weird-enough to love because I could never submit my feet to that kind of height!   Tell me if you see anything in the photo article you really love or extremely hate.  After all, we do not have to be slaves to fashion trends, instead we should rock out own personal style!

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