Remembering Daddy – A Memorial Poem

It is Father’s Day and many are remembering fathers both presently living and those passed-away.  Since many have said they enjoy my poetry on the blog, below is a poem I wrote years ago as a memorial.  I give my brothers credit for some of the ideas since some of the words were based on their memories.  We were all crowded into a van on the way to help our stepmother with funeral arrangements for our dad.  I decided to write down some of the thoughts being shared in single words.  After I got home, I compiled those words into the below poem and gave a copy to my stepmother before the funeral.  Perhaps this poem will help you to remember your dad fondly, whether he was a white-collar guy or a blue-collar man.

Remembering Daddy
by Shirley Joyce Fine Lee (© 7/29/98) for Bill Fine

Hunting, camping, fishing,
And always listening.
His children’s faces smiling
Cause Daddy’s home

A hard working man
Doing the best he can
His children’s faces laughing
Cause Daddy’s home

Rancher, Dealer, Farmer,
And backhoe operator.
His children’s faces smiling
Cause Daddy’s home.

The man has gotten older
His family got larger
Grandchildren laughing
Cause Papa’s home.

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