Finally, hinged bangles are back!

5 Hinged Bangles
I am so glad to see the hinged cuff-style bangle is back in fashion.  I have been seeing them in stores for the spring and summer seasons.  Mostly in enameled finishes, which I also love since it gives you brighter more vibrant colors.  They also come bejeweled with crystals, which I am not as much of a fan of.   They look great, but eventually a stone falls out and you stop wearing it.  Even so, I bought one for summer in my favorite color of yellow with clear crystals just to try it out.  If they stay in, I will become a fan of that fashion jewelry line.

 I would love to see these hinged bangles come back in solid metal tones like gold, brass, and silver.  Even the fashionable bronze or gun metal would be a great alternative in a shiny or matte finish. What I like most about the new hinged bangles is the magnetic clasp to lock it closed.  It is so much easier to use and less likely to break than the old push-in to lock and push-down to open clasps.

When I was very young my mother had a lovely gold-tone hinged bangle with a safety chain.  This was the best bangle for her since she had tiny wrists.  I thought she looked so elegant when she wore the bracelet.  When I was a teenager, who also had tiny wrists, my mother would let me borrow the bracelet to wear on special occasions.  It gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel beautiful.  Once the safety chain was lost, my mother gave me the bracelet “for keeps” since she did not like the look as well without the chain dangling from it.  I still have that bracelet wrapped in tissue paper in my jewelry box.  It looks a little worn but I still pull it out and wear it occasionally mixed with other bracelets so the well-worn and tarnished edges are not so apparent.  

Tell me do you love the hinged bangle too?  If you have one you just love, describe it for me and my readers in the comments.  Let us know how long you have had it and where you got it, if you can remember.  

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