Best Bra Fit for a Beautiful Body Look

Late last year, I was at a gathering of women of all ages.  Somehow the conversation turned to brassieres and the quadruple boob (aka quad-boob) syndrome.  The syndrome is where it looks like your breasts are each growing a smaller one either out the side by the arms or bulgy bumps in the center.  Another problem some older women experience is sagginess.  You know where the breasts tend to point down and out towards the elbows.  This is usually due to wearing a cheap bra without wiring or proper support.  Both problems may be fixed with bras that fit properly.

I shared with the group the few hints I knew from reading magazines over the years and from watching Oprah (yes she believes in the right-fitting bra making a difference in how you look and feel).  Someone said, you really know what you are talking about you should write something about bras.  So I put it in my list of possible future blog posts.  Sometimes if you procrastinate good things happen…

Good Housekeeping
March 2012 Cover
The March issue of Good Housekeeping has a whole layout on “The Ultimate Bra Guide” to not only solve the front bulges but also sagginess and back fat. The included photo spread covered suggestions for the best fit for small, medium, and large busts.   Behind that article is “6 Steps to Fit” which is a good guide if you are too shy to get a bra fitting at a store that has an intimates department.  I’d suggest getting the fitting and buying 1 of the bras they recommend.  Wear it in your day-to-day operations and then decide if you want to invest in more of the same.  Once you know the size and style that works best, watch for sales and stock up.  On the website they have an article “How to Buy a T-shirt Bra” so tight tops look good.

In the print version of “Bra Care 101” article, they discuss washing but left out that the bras should be hung to dry.  This will make the elastic last longer.  I think I did see this tip somewhere in the on-line article though.  A buying tip you need to remember is to get a bra where the band part currently fits you on the outside hook.  This way as the elastic gets a little stretched out you can move in a hook in the back to tighten it and get more months out of the bra before having to toss it.  I also read recently you can remove the pilling that happens along the edges of the bra by rubbing over it with an emery board used for filing nails.  The sandpaper of the board works on the bra like a de-fuzzer does on sweaters.  Another money-saving tip is lingerie bags for machine washing are at the Dollar Tree so check your local dollar store for options.  Also the bra strap converter disc they mention for making a bra an X-back have been available in sets of 2 at Dollar Tree.  

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