Stepping Up Your Accessory Game with Earrings

I like this accessory video mainly for the neat way she has organized the collection more than for the advice she gives on earring purchases.  She is obviously a major jewelry fan  
Sorry, I could not embed this 12 minute video (a little too long) because it is restricted on YouTube.  If you want to watch @BronzyBella suggestions, you have to go to

Below are the  6 categories of earrings from the video and her opinions vs. mine.

1.       Siver(tone) that includes real silver and stainless steel as well as similar metals.  She recommends large hoops and tear-drop shapes as staples in this category.  Hoops in each of the metal tones should be in every jewelry wardrobe although the size purchased should fit the personality of the wearer.  Some like ‘em large others like small and light.
2.       Gold(tone) which includes brass items as well as real gold, fake versions, and overlay items. Again she recommends hoops in various textures and sizes.  I think a good button type earring should be included as well for when a hoop is too much but some gold is needed to finish a look. 
3.       Rustic per this video definition would be wood or hammered metals or metals other than the 2 above like bronze or copper.  Frankly, I think most of her examples just need a good cleaning.  Stores currently might categorize this type of jewelry as Bohemian or Artisan.
4.       Studs are one she does not talk much about because she does not own many.  However, she does recommend everyone have a few in basic black, white, or brown in their wardrobe.  I believe everyone should have white or black pearl studs (faux, freshwater, or real) – they are just the right touch of class for any outfit.  I do agree with her in that simple studs are best to go with large necklaces if you want the necklace to be your focal point of the outfit.
5.       Colorful is jewelry typically made or plastic or painted metals bought to match a few outfits.  I like this kind in all the colors of the rainbow because you can usually get a pair cheap to go with only 1 outfit.  .
6.       Classic is what the video uses to refer to the flashy crystal or pearl drop earrings typically worn as evening wear.  My definition of classic would be career-wear earrings that might double for evening wear with another outfit – in other words classic studs, small  hoops or drops.  Pearls are always classic class!

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