How to Make Your Own Christmas Stockings

Thanksgiving is over and now everyone is thinking about Christmas.  I already covered some early shopping tips last month, so now it is time to move to decorations.  Years ago, I made Christmas stockings for everyone in my family by buying holiday fabric remnants and hand-embroidered the names on each of them.  I added lace (instead of top cuff) and satin ribbon to mine to make it more feminine looking.  The guys got jingle bells hand-sewn onto theirs. These were not much work.  Yet the stockings were very cute, personal, and different from what you might see on other people’s mantels.  Using stockings is a quick decorating idea that can also increase your Christmas day fun as you hide candy and trinkets inside each year and watch for surprise and merriment.

At bottom of this post is the best video on making Christmas stockings I have seen, because Jenny does not leave out any steps.  This stocking pattern does not require a lining or quilting.  You just need to get creative with the fabrics you choose, then you can embellish as desired.  Here’s an additional time-saving tip to add to this  video, when you put the loop part in the stocking to sew go ahead and double it over so the one seam takes care of making the loop and you will not need to tack it down at the end.  

If you do not have an old stocking to use as a model and are not good at free-hand drawing a pattern or estimating fabric needed for stocking,  check out for PDF pattern and material requirements.  If you want more ideas, check out these 12 ideas at Tips Junkie.

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