Unique Names for Fingers

Various green stones in rings
from NYC II and Gem Treasures
collections by Chuck Clemency
I get a kick out of the names Chuck Clemency (jewelry designer who creates both beautiful classics and fun/funky rings) of ShopNBC uses when he encourages buying a particular ring to wear on a specific finger.  Here are his names starting with the thumb and going to the pinky: edgy, power, confidence, taken, and sexy.  You can find out who Chuck is and about his jewelry by watching the video at

For the proper and/or medical names of each finger, visit Simply Body Language to see their picture.  If you are into astrology/zodiac, find out which fingers are named after what planets and the meaning of each for certain gems, visit Guyot Brothers site.  If you want to read palms, then you might want to understand the finger and knuckle stuff at Angel Fire.

You may also want to check out what your pinkie says about your personality and then see personality based on psychology theories.

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