Save Money Shopping - check out Thrift Stores

Yahoo! Thanks for sharing that great video organization and fashion in Should You Save or Splurge on Your Wardrobe?  If readers prefer text, you can see article version at Financially Fit.

Many who comment on the article mention thrift stores and clearance racks.  You may already shop clearance racks because you only want “new.”  But you might still be paying too much for what is trendy at the moment.  Many stores donate their merchandise to local thrift stores after they have not sold quickly on a clearance rack.  They need the space, so the stuff is sent off and you missed that bargain. 

Bronze Incense Burner
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Well maybe not...  If you have not tried thrift store as a wardrobe booster and want to try shopping there, find a list of stores in your area at See also Money Crashers Types of Second-Hand Stores to know the difference and what to expect at each.

Not only are you saving money, but you are helping to save the planet by recycling.  Also many thrift store sales support a particular charity or medical research. Keep it in mind when shopping there that you are helping others as well.  Expect deals, but do not think you will get garage sale pricing.  Most are alos not willing to haggle especially if they have ½ price days once a week.  Here are more ideas to check out - 12 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping from SimpleMom.  You may also want to review Go Green’s Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Shopping.

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