9/11 Tears Remembered - A Memorial Poem

Each year around 9/11, I think back to that tragic day and cry for the souls lost and saddened.  And each year a few thoughts occur to me in simple refrain, but I have neglected to write them down.  This year as the words traveled in and out of my mind, I did take note of them.  Later I reviewed the words on my computer, edited, and the result was the short poem below.  It is my wish that these words will bless and encourage all that read them. 

Please fell free to share the poem with others.  You may get the video to embed at http://youtu.be/eEoRlgLcARU.  If you want the slide, go to SlideShare.net or AuthorStream.com for downloads.  Or if you want only the words as text, go below the video to find the text you may copy and share “as is” in its entirety.  If you use the poem, please credit the source.  Thanks.

<poem start>

9/11 Tears Remembered
A Memorial Poem
by Shirley Fine Lee © 9/10/11

On 9/11:
The innocent died,
Heroes truly tried,
And the masses cried.

In the aftermath:
American pride,
Heavy weeping tides,
Deliberate strides.

Now in the present:
Monuments abide,
Musings coincide,
And still misty-eyed.

<end of poem>


Sean Vessey said...

Awesome poem catching the past and present.

Theresa said...

Love it, Shirley! Thanks for sharing.