Eggs-actly the Treats You Want for Easter

GH April 2017 issue
When I see a magazine with good ideas, I share it on this blog.  Good Housekeeping Magazine April 2017 issue titled Spring Fun is such an issue for Easter.    The magazine contains all kinds of Egg and Easter decorating ideas.  It includes the secret to perfect boiled eggs with stages from runny, soft-boiled, or hard-boiled.  If you want the eggs for hiding as Easter eggs, you may want to check out The Best Way to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs as it also links to recipes for leftover eggs.

Most of the egg decorating ideas images (and how to links) are in their on-line slideshow below as well as many more than in the magazine:  75+ So-Adorable Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

If you want to color your boiled eggs for Easter, that was not in the magazine so I did a search to help out my readers.  You can buy an egg coloring kit to do so.  Or if you do not want to purchase a kit, How to Color Eggs Using Food Coloring is a good video for your boiled eggs showing the traditional method. The tips in this VLOG are similar to what we did when I was a kid, except mom did different colors in mugs so each of us kids could dunk out favorite color.  We would put an egg in our mug and mom would set timer for 2 minutes.  After the timer went off, we could take pastel egg out and put in another before timer was reset or if we wanted our egg darker just put it back for another 2 minutes.

The GH issue included recipes for deviled eggs.  After all, we have to do something with those eggs the kids like to hunt but do not want to eat.  Most of the deviled egg images (and either tips or how to links) are in their on-line slideshow, as well as many that were not in the magazine:  30 Eggs-cellent Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

If you want more basic deviled egg recipes, here are two favorites of my boys.  They say I make the best deviled eggs, but I think it is the way I make them rather the ingredients.  My tips for great deviled eggs is to make sure you smash-up the egg yolks before adding ingredients or it will not come out smooth and well blended.  Then blend in the creamy ingredients with the smashed yolks before adding other ingredients to you end up with a smooth and creamy center rather than a clumpy stuffing.

When looking for my deviled egg recipes online, I also found this cute decorative idea for your next BBQ party:  Little Devil Deviled Eggs.  Or if you want to make colorful eggs, How to make Red White and Blue Deviled Eggs is a post that features dying the egg whites for patriotic parties.  The idea can be used for other colors (like green eggs for St. Patrick’s and Christmas with red too, or doing pastel colors for Easter).

Peeling the egg without tearing it apart is a challenge for pretty deviled eggs. The method I use is in video  although I want to try this other video method with a glass next time

Bunny Bottom Cookies
Besides the egg stuff, there was a cute idea for sugar cookies that uses a large round cookie and two small egg-shaped cookies.  Instead of buying lots of candies to do decorations, you may want to consider dying some of the frosting and piping it onto the paws.  You can find the same cookie idea at links below:

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