Children’s Book: Mr. Pickle Goes to Pickle Island

Mr. Pickle Goes
to Pickle Island

children's book

As you may know, I am broadening my writing to other genres besides productivity and organization.  Before Christmas last year, I had a dream about a bald man who loved pickles.  I turned the dream into a children’s book called Mr. Pickle Goes to Pickle Island After starting to type the book and recovering from back surgery, I went back to the book.  I added a little educational twist in the middle plus a moral about a diverse diet near the end of the story.  Anyway, after having the story test-read and revised a few times plus a cover created, this month I finally published it as a Kindle e-book. 

The cover has been made into a coloring sheet and uploaded to the pickle page on mywebsite, along with other drawings the illustrator did. Readers or their parents can print the coloring sheets for free at the end of the book as an additional fun activity.  Also at the end of the story is a page of other Fun Ideas for the Pickle Lover, so children can learn more about farms or factories. The about the author has a link to another page on my website.  On this page, readers can scroll down to another link to look at photos from my garden.  Sorry, no cucumbers photographed.

Below is the short description of the book.  If you would like to help promote the book on social media, there is an image link on my website.You can go to the book on Amazon from any of the links in this blog post, if you are interested in purchasing it.

Mr. Pickle loves to eat at least one pickle with almost every meal.  He has loved pickles since he was a little boy.  Mr. Pickle wants to go to the special island where his grandfather claims pickles are made. So he goes for a short vacation to Pickle Island to see cucumber farming and pickle processing.  On his journey he meets:  a sea captain and sailors, a hula girl, a dock master, a hotel owner, a tour group with adults and children, some farmers, a factory manager and his workers.

If you do not have an e-reader, you can download the FREE App from Amazon to read e-books on your computer or phone. To get the free App, click the “Read On Any Device” under the book cover image on Amazon to have them email or text you the App.

BTW:  Did you know cucumber is a melon?  Something else the kiddies may want to check out.

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