Using Poems to Mark Project Milestones?

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I was checking out my blog statistics the other day and found that some of the most popular posts were my poems.  The poems were only exceeded in hits by Christmas holiday posts and the posts listing anniversary gifts and birthstones.  Most poems I included on the blog have been serious as they were memorials of people or dates.  I have written several poems and plan to post some more of them on this blog in the future.   
So let’s start now with a less serious bit of poetry by inserting some fun versions.  I am a strong believer in celebrating when a team completes a big project or if it is a long-term project team, celebrating completion of major milestones.  When I worked for a large corporation facilitating and leading teams, I was fortunate to work on a special IT project team whose job it was to move several things on to the company intranet.  As part of our milestone celebrations, I put together poems that marked many milestones.  If you follow this link, you will see a PDF containing the 3 celebratory poems written by me in 1998 titled:  100 Things Were Done, 300 Things Were Done, and 300 More Things Are Done.

On a different note, (when I was vice president of communications in 2006) I did 2 WIIFM poems for the Dallas chapter of ASTD, a professional training organization.   Click on the WIIFM link above to read titles: What's in Chapter Membership for Me? and What is Value in Attendance for Me?

I have also recorded “poetry readings” of poems that appear in the back of my RARA meeting management, TAPP time management, and OPIE project management books.  These podcasts can be found on my website at

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