Old-fashioned Ideas on Summer Clothes or Good Advice?

I cannot believe there was something I mostly agreed with on Shine – the fashion site!!  I know sometimes they go a little overboard picking on celebrity outfits and encouraging youth to wear stuff that is just UGLY! Yet… over the weekend, a so-called news story titled Call the Fashion Police: Top 10 Summer Fashion Don'ts popped up on Yahoo from Shine. It was a photo spread of summer fashion mistakes that go against common sense. Well as least or as long as I can remember, but they seem to be unknown by most teenagers (and a few adults).

Summer Swimsuit - i.e. Bikini
Since some would consider the advice to be old-fashioned, I wondered “Okay – how old does this make us?” when reading the comments beside the photos. Therefore, I had to check for a photo of the writer in order to guess their age.  Instead of a photo and author bio when I clicked the name line, I got her blog (babble.com) and a link to her Pinterest page.  Wow, I guess I am really old since I expected to see her writing or fashion credits rather than a product blog and baby photos. 

Oh well – checkout the on-line article above, have a few laughs, and let me know which ones you agree with.  My biggest “You so right girl” was on the bra straps hanging out.  When did that become a fashion statement rather than a sign of poor taste or ill-fitting clothes?  BTW: I am not so old-fashioned - I do have my own Pinterest page.

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