Let Us Pray Together - A Poem

I awoke this morning from a dream of me kinda-singing the poem below to a group of women.  Except in the song I as saying "Women, let us pray together."  I quickly went to the computer to capture and refine what I could remember.  I changed the word "women" to "please" in the final version as I felt this was a poem relevant to all mankind regardless of gender.  I also added the last stanza as verses 18-20 of Matthew chapter 18 kept coming to my mind as I was typing it.  I hope you find the poem a personal prayer you can share as well.

Let Us Pray Together
Poem by Shirley Fine Lee (© 4/7/12)

I do not want help switching batteries.
I just need a hand to hold
While I decide to pray.
Please let us pray together
For love and peace.

Let us not slander or hate
Instead we facilitate.
Give help and food.
Adjust our attitude.
It begins with you and me
To now find a noble charity.

I do not want help changing light bulbs.
I just need a friendly soul
While I wish to pray.
Please let us pray together
For health and blessings.

Let us not complain our state
Instead others we elevate.
Share our wealth
To promote health.
Sick and dying do not avert.
Aid shelters, places holding hurt.

I do not want help opening a jar.
I just need a like spirit
While I choose to pray.
Please let us pray together
For family and friends.

Let us not tweet, text, or update.
Instead we true communicate.
Face- to-face
We interface.
No funeral or wedding,
Just joyful communing.

I should not ask for this alone.
Where two or more
Are gathered together
God will be there.
Let us pray together.


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Trent said...

More people needs to pray,always find creative ways to do things,i like the prayer poem