Liquid Silver and Flex Gold

Liquid Silver Tube Beads
The trend is precious metal jewelry seems to be light, fluid, and highly visible.  For white-metal lovers, many jewelry TV sites are suggesting liquid silver chains in multi-strands be used instead of thick omegas as pendant chains.  These are not your old 70’s to 80’s hippie chokers or southwest Indian-made necklaces with fetishes and beads between the silver tubes.  Instead, you buy the silver as your chain and wear it alone fro a dramatic affect or use it to show off a pendant that has a large bail that can easily slide across the silver.  If you like this look, you should find out how liquid silver is made and how to properly clean it, visit Arizona Indian Jewelry.  

The yellow gold omega or collar wire has also been replaced with a light-weight silicone-filled weave or molded gold versions that are supposed to travel so well you can throw them in your purse or suitcase without worry of kinking.  These come in round snake or twisted versions and bracelets to provide a great look alone or in necklaces as a backdrop for a bold pendant or large cameo.  The rise in gold prices is the most likely reason for the popularity of these necklaces. I find the idea of a soft bangle bracelet interesting and perhaps worth a try.  However some necklaces might look good, but it is not likely that you will find one that looks as great as a full-gold or even a gold-plated omega regardless of what the TV hosts tell you.  Unless you really want a big, thick look of 6mm or larger chain; go for a smaller omega in silver, gold over silver or in something 18K or lower gold to keep your price down.  If you go for the silicone, I understand it must be cleaned gently by hand with mild soap – do not place in cleaning solutions.  

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